Taking Care of Healthcare


GlobeMed Gulf sponsored the 8th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference, on 13-14 Oct 2014, in Dubai.

This year’s event looked at the progress and developments of compulsory healthcare in the region, significant roles of insurers and healthcare providers in the process, critical success strategies for the healthcare market, global healthcare trends, regulatory issues, underwriting issues and the latest innovation in technology, medical and healthcare products for sustainability and success.

GlobeMed Gulf was heavily present through a booth and displayed logos online and in the press, and most importantly via two presentations delivered by Elie Tohme and Ziad Kharma.

Elie Tohme, General Manager of GlobeMed Gulf, presented “The Changing Role of TPAs and how they Can Align the Needs of All Healthcare Management Stakeholders”; and participated to an Executive Panel Discussion between Stakeholders in the Healthcare Business: Regulators, Insurers, Reinsurers, TPAs, Hospitals, Pharma and Government Bodies. Ziad Kharma, Vice President, of the Actuarial and International Health Services at GlobeMed, talked about Big Data and its Implications for Healthcare Stakeholders.

The two-day conference was an exciting platform for interactive discussion and debate to identify best practices, challenges, opportunities and benefits for all stakeholders in the dynamic healthcare industry.