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GlobeMed GulfHealthCare Solutions Announces Receipt of Federal Insurance Authority License

Dubai, 2014 - In line with the observed laws in the United Arab Emirates, GlobeMed Gulf is pleased to announce that it has received its Federal Insurance Authority License and now enjoys Unconditional Health Insurance Permit status with the Dubai Health Authority. GlobeMed Gulf continues to deliver full and on-going compliance with all federal and local regulatory requirements and processes in the UAE, with regard to the provision and management of healthcare services and solutions.


“Receiving our Federal Insurance Authority License is the latest step our shareholder’s continued commitment in the UAE market” said Mr. Elie Tohme, General Manager of GlobeMed Gulf Healthcare solutions. “Insurance companies can use our services in the knowledge that all aspects of compliance are being met. With the Unconditional Permit status, companies selling insurance in Dubai can choose to use our market-leading services with full confidence that they are selecting a compliant and trustworthy partner”.